The Journey Begins…

After discovering reflexology by accident as a biology student, my passion has grown for this amazing therapy. I am keen to learn more and relish every opportunity!

I have been using reflexology on myself for the last few weeks to help with a sore back. I was a little over enthusiastic at the gym a few weeks ago (which reminds me – warming up and cooling down are just as important and the bit in the middle!) I have been using Gunnel Berry’s Adapted reflex therapy technique to loosen my back up and reduce the “twinge” I was getting. Its worked, my fitness routine is back on track (along with a proper cool down)!

Wellbeing Journey

Reflexology is part of my wellbeing routine, a routine that involves the gym, Krav Maga, aromatherapy, good nutrition and the outdoors! It is not one single element that makes up my wellbeing routine, it is many. 18 months ago I barely had a wellbeing routine. Apart from reflexology and aromatherapy, I would say I didn’t have much of a routine at all. I was tired, overweight, my diet was generally okay although when I felt stressed/anxious I would comfort eat (hence being overweight). I hardly got any exercise except for going for walks at the weekend with my family. I often had low days and no longer went out with friends.

Things have now changed 😊

I am going to take you on my journey during the coming weeks on how I started my journey to develop a wellbeing routine; how in the last 12 months I have made many changes (some quite surprising) to my life. I have learnt to deal with my anxiety and depression. It’s still in the background but I now have many tools to manage the low days. I have lost 4 stones in weight, I have a good diet, I no longer comfort eat (I don’t crave chocolate any more), I have taken up Krav Maga, regularly visit the gym, go swimming and have been using reflexology and aromatherapy to help me relax in the evening.

How did I start my wellbeing journey?

It was quite late one night, I was watching NCIS as I couldn’t sleep. I had felt low for days and just wanted to do something to help me break the cycle (and get some proper sleep!). I decided to write a bucket list. Why? I don’t really know. I wrote a list of things I wanted to do, to achieve in the next few years. I suppose I wanted some challenges to focus on, goals to aim for. The list included general things like “lose weight” and “travel” then there were the slightly more unconventional things like “Learn Krav Maga” (Krav Maga is a martial art) and some things that would be hard to achieve like “go back to university and complete a MRes”.

I am starting to tick things off my list and add to it too! Maybe I will get to go back to university in a few years…. who knows?! What I do know is that my journey has only just started, and I have a long way to go with lots exciting new experiences waiting for me around the corner.

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Next weeks blog post – Krav Maga