Krav Maga, the Beginning

Okay, so what is Krav Maga and what are the reasons behind why I would take this up?

As you know, from my post from last week I made a “bucket list” and Krav Maga was on it. Krav Maga (meaning contact combat) is a self-defence fighting system based on real life situations. Imi Lichtenfeld, a martial arts expert drew on his experience of street fighting, boxing and wrestling to develop Krav Maga in the 1940’s for the Israeli Defence Force. If you would like to know more about the origins of Krav Maga, please click here.
I can’t exactly explain why I picked Krav Maga, I mean it isn’t something you hear about usually (compared to other martial arts). I only came across KM when I was watching NCIS one night (probably the night I wrote my list) and one of the characters in the series practices Krav Maga. So, it got added to the list.


So, I googled Krav Maga clubs in the Mid Cheshire area. I drew a blank, the nearest club was Warrington and practically I couldn’t attend due to travelling distance and other commitments. I shelved the idea and moved on to something else. About 2 months later, on my Facebook feed a new Krav Maga Cheshire club in the Mid Cheshire area appeared – cookies do seem to have their uses! I clicked on the link and emailed Darren the instructor about a one to one lesson. Being so unfit and over weight there was no way I was going to a local club, not at this point anyway. Darren emailed back and we agreed to meet up for a session and see how things would go.

My first Krav session was amazing and exhausting – the warm-up nearly finished me off! Since June 2018 I have met for one-to-one sessions with Darren nearly every week and I have started attending the club training sessions on Thursday evenings too.
Krav was the spark or I should say “kick” I needed to change my lifestyle!

Gloves, pads and gum shields

We work on focus areas in 6-week blocks. Now, we are in the middle of bearhugs and baseball bat attacks, but we have covered other areas such as knife attacks and sparring. Sounds scary/painful? It isn’t. Krav Maga is about avoiding trouble and only as a last resort to use effective defensive and offensive techniques simultaneously, allowing you to escape from danger. Techniques are broken down into stages allowing them to be taught to anyone (I am proof of that!). We all train at our own level and pace.
Krav Maga has had a massive impact on my life. It isn’t just about learning some self defence techniques, it has driven me to be a lot more careful about my diet, go to the gym and seek advice from a personal trainer! The fitter I am, the better I know I will be at Krav Maga. I have lost nearly 4.5 stone since September 2018, regularly attend the gym and have a much better diet. My anxiety is still there in the background, but Krav is one of the best tool for me in dealing with it.

Want more information?

Krav Maga Cheshire Clubs

Your first session is free!
Tuesday – Barnton Memorial Hall  19.45 – 21.15
Thursday – Hartford High School 19.30 – 21.00

Krav Maga Cheshire Facebook
Krav Maga Cheshire Website