Functional Reflex Therapy is a reflexology based therapy designed by Lorraine Senior for children and adults with autism, learning difficulties, neurological impairment (including dementia and Alzheimer’s) and complex needs. I have had the privilege to study Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Routine with Loraine Senior who founded and continues to develop this therapy. The aims of this therapy are to:

Encourage relaxation

Provide a new effective touch therapy experience

Reduce anxiety and help improve mood

Support well-being

Nurture individuals in their preparation for ongoing activities

This is a very relaxing therapy delivered to individuals either through their hands or feet depending on the individuals wishes. It is a unique approach that offers a structured routine delivered through the Functional Reflex Therapy tool kit which helps to support communication and help individuals prepare for sessions.  The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Routine is currently being used in some schools across the UK and some care settings, delivered by fully trained reflexologists.

I can offer this therapy either privately at my studio in Winsford, through home visits or through schools.

I am also able to offer training in this therapy to parents/primary carers and will be arranging workshops shortly.

If you would like more information about Functional Reflex Therapy please visit the Functional Reflex Therapy website http://www.functionalreflextherapy.co.uk/

Please click here to book or contact me on 07729794148 for more information on this wonderful therapy.

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The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine is delivered through workshops which are available for parents, primary carers, grandparents and other family members who support children and adults with autism, learning difficulties and complex and vulnerable needs.

If you have an interest in learning this lovely ‘positive touch’ relaxation routine, and you’re looking to incorporate relaxation sessions into your lifestyle at home, the FRT workshop is for you.

Each technique is named to encourage you to think about specific areas of the body as you deliver the therapy and they are linked to a colour which gives you an easy to recall routine following through the colours of the rainbow.


The workshops are split into two 3 hour sessions which cover:

  • Introduction to reflexology
  • Information about Functional Reflex Therapy and how to develop and use FRT toolkit
  • The hand routine
  • The foot routine
  • Good practice by considering the 6 C’s
  • Practical time and the sharing of experience/s and ideas

New workshop dates coming soon!